Friday, May 11, 2007

Stomach Disorder

During the last ten days, my stomach decided to become independent and started producing problems. It is more or less normal to have stomach problems at least now and then during your stay in Bhutan although this time, it seems to be a bit long and it doesn't really stop. I could run down to the hospital and try to figure out what exactly I have. But instead, I'm making use of a thing called email-consultation. I'm writing emails back home to my doctor and she is kind enough to advice me. Sure, if it is more serious, email-consultation doesn't really work and we both know that. But for things such as stomach disorder, it is extremely nice to have somebody back home that you trust and that advices you when to take the antibiotics, when to wait for a couple of days, and when to stop the malaria medication. And when to go to the hospital.
If you ever go to a subtropical or tropical place, I can highly recommend Have a great time and enjoy a properly working stomach!

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