Friday, August 03, 2007

JavaScript on TV!

A couple of weeks ago, I was conducting a week long workshop in JavaScript for lecturers from both the Colleges of Education. Eight lecturers were participating and we had a good time although the subject was not trivial for the participants. Using compact sample applications, I tried to give the participants a feeling for how to design applications. We were drawing rainbows, changed the color of a title according to the rainbow, designed a clock ('why should I program my own clock - I could just go down to checkpost and buy one for 80 rupees ...'), displayed pictures in a slide show, and built our own calculator.

All in all, we had a good time fighting with JavaScript. But unfortunately, on the first morning of our workshop, a team from BBS (Bhutan Broadcasting Service) - the national television - showed up. They asked a bunch of questions and were shooting a bit. A few days later, BBS reported on a JavaScript workshop held at the Samtse College of Education. Fortunately, I missed that report as I wasn't keen on seeing myself. A few days later, random people that I have never met before asked me 'Hey, are you the guy that was conducting that workshop?'. For villagers, this must have been a really strange report. A chillip (foreigner) in Gho teaching something really strange on a computer :-).

Guys, have fun and enjoy life!


adrian said...

sam = tv star! cool! can we download the report on youtube;-)?

Unknown said...

Unfortunately (or luckily) you cannot do so!