Sunday, June 11, 2006

Forza Ragazzi

This weekend, a soccer tournament took place here in Samtse. Students formed teams and the lecturers did the same. The lecturers lost their first game (I didn't play because my legs hurt quite a bit...).
This morning, I originally wanted to go to the market to get some fresh vegetables, a lighter, milk, corn flakes, and cookies ;-). Walking by the soccer field, I realized that my class was playing. The ladies cheered up and I just had to join those guys. The ladies cheered nicely - but I missed all the singing that you are used to from European soccer fields. So I started singing a few songs that I know from Ambri. After a bit of time, a few ladies were able to sing along - 'Forza ragazzi, vinci per noi, forza science B, science B allee'; science B is the name of my class. After a bit of time, I had a microphone in front of me - and well, it kind of felt like being in Ambri. I started singing 'Forza ragazzi' and all those guys joined in. Boy, was really strange to see that happen here in Bhutan.
After having cheered really hard, I finally got my vegetables from the market and prepared a nice meal. While preparing that meal, I just had to laugh really hard - it's just too strange to have a bunch of Bhutanese guys singing 'Forza ragazzi, vinci per noi' ;-). Guys have fun and cheer up!

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