Friday, June 16, 2006

Most of my Energy...

... is currently consumed by staying here in Bhutan. So if you don't get a response to your emails immediately - sorry for that. I haven't forgotten you and will reply to you one day. The LAN manager of the NIE has left for training and I'm basically the person that has to make sure that the IT infrastructure is at least partially running. Yesterday, our proxy server collapsed and crashed every hour. Today, the same server is doing again fine and is now up for eight hours. Don't ask me what it was.
In fact, I'm not supposed to keep that infrastructure running. Well, I could write a nice analysis and a paper about Distance Education and IT while at the same time the infrastructure at the NIE breaks down. Or I could try to keep the infrastructure running and put off the real work that I'm supposed to do. Well, I chose the second option.

Let me recycle part of my midterm report to the Swiss Civil Service authority. Guys, have fun and enjoy life!

Current Personal State
Staying in a new culture and environment, you sometimes run into problems. I knew that and IÂ’m perfectly ok with that. Sometimes, it costs a lot of energy to be always this special guy. You have ups and downs. But that'’s ok. I can cope with that. All in all, staying here in Bhutan is a huge experience. It is not always easy but I'’m constantly learning and I really appreciate having this chance. If I could go back and decide again whether I'’d like to do my civil service in Bhutan, I wouldn'’t wait a single second and take the opportunity.
No physical, psychological or health problems have shown up so far. I'’m confident that in case they would show up, I know people well enough to get help ;-).
Accommodation is ok although my apartment doesn't have a roof and monsoon has already started. I'’m cool with the current situation - I don't yet have to use an umbrella to cook food ;-). I might have to move my bed to a different room within two weeks - but that should work out as well.
Helvetas is doing a great job and supports me whenever it is needed. No complaints here. Working condition is ok. Working Saturdays from 8 to 12 (and sometimes I end up working longer). Generally, I'm probably working more than it is requested -– but most IT people probably do that ;-).

Staying in Bhutan is all in all a great experience. Oftentimes, I'’m tired but that'’s ok. Oftentimes it'’s more difficult than staying back home would be. But that's ok. I'’m learning a lot about a new culture, about a country, and about myself.

Ugyen, Phuentsho, and Choden (not 100% sure...)
Tashi and Yeshi

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