Saturday, April 08, 2006

First few days in Bhutan

My first few days in Bhutan have been intense. We returned from Thimphu Thursday night. Friday, I stayed at NIE Paro, had a few meetings, and observed classes. It was a good and intense day and I have learned a lot. Today, school was in session in the morning but I stayed at NIE almost all day long; that's were an internet connection is available. With all the students in the labs, the connection is really, really slow - but being the only guy on the campus, the speed is ok (not great - but at least there is some sign of a response...).
Classes will be out of session during the next five days; the Paro Tsechu (a local festival) takes place. Because of this festival, I have to move out of my room at the hotel ( that I'm currently staying at. During the Tsechu days, I'll be staying in a newly finished guest house on campus. People have been extremely friendly and helped out organizing stuff so that I can stay in that house for a few days. I'll let you know how my time in the guest house turned out ;-). I'm sure it'll be an adventure.
Enjoy life!

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