Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Still wearing a Gho

Yes, that's true; I'm still wearing a Gho. This morning, I had again a hard time to put it on correctly - but it was a little bit easier than it was yesterday morning. I still have to laugh - and the students join me. It's just a strange feeling; but I have a bit of time left to get used to this piece of clothing.
Tomorrow, I'll be leading the IT student club meeting and will give an introduction into 'how to search for stuff on the web'. We'll see how it'll work out. I won't have a lot of time so I'll basically give a few questions about Switzerland and they are requested to search for a few minutes. Then we'll collect their results and how they got those results. In the next meeting, I'll try to show different strategies based on what they came up with. We'll see how well it'll work...
On Thursday, I'll be teaching my first FIT (computer literacy - a bit of Word) class. I'm excited to do that! It's not only a good experience for myself but it is as well a good way of better realizing how things here in Bhutan work and where possible problems could be. For some of the students it'll be their first contact with a computer so I'll probably need a slow start.

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