Saturday, May 27, 2006

Busy week and VSAT

Was a rather busy week. Chris (guy working for Helvetas) stayed in Samtse and we got some work done during the last few days. I have not done half of the things that I should have done - but that's probably just how it is. The VSAT dish was put on top of the roof of the men's hostel this week and it will get connected to the network next week. So starting next week, I have a down-link of 1MB - pretty exciting stuff ;-)!
Yesterday, a lecturer from Paro stayed in Samtse and we had discussion almost all day long. In the evening we went to the Director's place and continued the discussion. Started working at 6:45am and got back to my apartment at 11:30pm - pretty long day and I was rather tired.
Tonight, there is another cultural program. Students are performing dances - from traditional Bhutanese to Hindi to Nepali to modern American ones. I like those shows a lot because I get exposed to a completely new culture. And after today's show, there will be a Jam session. Guess that kids around here are getting excited and hope that we'll have fun. 15 Rupees entrance fee ;-).
Guys have a great weekend and enjoy life!

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