Monday, May 08, 2006

Yes and Yes

Adrian, you wanted to get a clarification on what exactly happened. It was just a combination of a few things that made me wonder what is going on. It is inappropriate to write the details here; sorry for mentioning it in the first place. After a weekend of having it in my mind, I think that it has to do with one thing that I'm still struggling: the difference between yes and yes.
One of the two words means actually no and the other one means really yes. It is difficult to realize when it is yes and when it is no. It is important to ask the questions in the right way - so that you cannot answer either with yes or with no - after all, a yes/no question will always be answered with yes. But asking the questions in the right way is a damn hard thing to do after having grown up in the European context.
In conversations, I still come up with the yes/no questions. After having asked the question, I realize that I was again asking the wrong way 'round and end up asking the negation of the previously asked question. After having asked both ways, I try to estimate which yes was stronger.
Sometimes, it is difficult to cope with that fact but I don't see it as a problem but rather as a learning experience. It takes time to get adjusted - but you learn a lot!

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