Monday, May 22, 2006


Yesterday afternoon, I hired together with a bunch of students a cab and we went to a town maybe 10km from Samtse. Next to the town, there is one of the most famous suspension bridges in Bhutan. It was a good experience to go out to the village because there is yet a completely different aspect of Bhutan to be seen out there. We had a good time, took some pictures, and just had fun.

Singay, Cheku, and Karma. All of them are third year trainee at the NIE Samtse.

Again the same three guys, this time in front of the suspension bridge.

Cheku, myself, and Singay.

Cheku and Singay in the cab.

On the way back to Samtse.

That's one way of mobility - as seen on the way back to Samtse.

Cow ;-).


Anonymous said...

hi sam!

nice suspension bridge! how long? as long as golden gate? you remember? as a civil engineer a must to know;-) adrian

Unknown said...

Hi Adrian,
Not extremely long - at least not comparable to the Golden Gate Bridge ;-). It would be probably exciting for you to see that bridge - but for different reasons... Enjoy your long weekend!