Sunday, April 01, 2007

Landing at Paro Airport

Bhutan is a charming country in the Himalayas. All houses are painted extensively, folks are peaceloving and put their priority not on money but rather on happyness. Women wear kiras and men put on ghos - a nice change from what we are used to in the west. Sure, those dresses are not extremely easy to put on but even I got used to it after a few weeks of practicing.

The only airport of Bhutan is located in the Paro valley. As Bhutan is a country in the Himalayas, the Paro valley is a real valley with high mountains around it. Searching for Paro, Bhutan in Google Earth and activating the Terrain layer will give you a good idea about the landscape that a pilot is confronted with. If you want to get in impression of what it means to be landing at Paro, have a look at the video.

Watching this video, you might understand why I'm very much looking forward to get my feet on Bhutanese ground. Before my last trip, I did know that the landing procedure in Bhutan is special though I was not prepared for such a landing. This year, I know pretty well how it will feel and that doesn't really help :-). I come back to you as soon as I have survived the landing in Paro.

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