Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dzongkha Podcast

A few weeks before coming to Bhutan, I discovered a podcast helping people to learn how to speak Dzongkha, the national language of Bhutan. I listened to the podcasts and liked them a lot; you might remember that my knowledge of Dzongkha is rather limited.

I thought that the idea of having a podcast that enables you to learn a new language is a pretty neat one. I got in touch with the person that is creating the podcast and it turned out that he is staying in Thimphu. As I had two days in Thimphu at the beginning of my time in Bhutan, I arranged a meeting with him. We met one evening, went to a coffee shop, and had a chat. V. Shankar - the creator of the podcast - turned out to be an enthusiastic person that tries to help people to learn Dzongkha. He creates the podcast in his free time and sees this as a community service. He is as well a magician (he showed one of his tricks during our conversation - quite amazing) and told me that all he needs when he performs is the smiles of the kids. It's the same with the podcast - it's about getting the appreciation of the community.

(I'm totally under dressed but this is due to my missing luggage.)

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