Friday, April 27, 2007

Satellite Dish Maintenance

Today, Karma Sherub from DrukCom (= dragon communication) came down to Samtse and was doing maintenance work on the satellite dish that allows us to get a reasonably fast Internet connection. During the last couple of days, the connection has become a little bit slow - only 20kBps instead of 100kBps. If you consider that we have around 50 computers on the network, it is easy to see that this is not great speed - well, during the day it is not possible to check email with that speed...

Together with Karma, we went up to the roof and reconnected all cables and cleared any dust that might have settled. Speed was still not better and Karma started to call various places around the globe - but speed didn't really improve. The Samtse College of Education will upgrade to 2Mbps soon and Karma promised to investigate further at the time we increase the bandwidth.

Karma reconnecting the satellite receiver.

Ugyen and Karma.

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