Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wearing a Kira

Today, I got some shopping done. In the morning, I went to a grocery shop and bought 7 kg of pasta as I cannot get pasta down in Samtse . I'm really excited about that. Later on in the day, I went to the shop of an uncle of a friend of mine. Last year, I bought a Kira (the traditional dress for women in Bhutan) for my mother from this shop and I wanted to give the owners a picture of my mother and me wearing Kira andGho . It was a funny moment as it turned out that I mixed things up a bit and didn't put my mother's Kira on correctly. You can find the picture below; I mixed up the yellow and the green top - they should be the other way around. We were laughing a lot and it was a good moment.

Tomorrow, Robyn Smyth (from the University of New England in Australia) and I will be traveling down to Samtse. Although it's only 200 km down to Samtse, the trip takes around 8 hours and we will be leaving early in the morning.

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