Monday, July 10, 2006

Arrived in Paro

Guys, I had a good trip up to Paro. It's only about 210 kilometers but the trip took eleven hours. In the morning, I got up at 5am to clean up my apartment and to get ready. Well, I was pretty tired yesterday night and didn't manage the watch the world cup final (I went to bed after 70 minutes...). Paro feels like a huge city - after having stayed in Samtse for almost three months. On a side note, Paro has about 3000 inhabitants... - it's funny to observe how fast your perception changes and your mind shifts.
The trip was nice and I took a lot of pictures - tough I haven't yet loaded them onto the computer - so you will have to check back later on.

Today, my workshop started. Kara goes Bhutan! The first day was good and folks were playing around with Kara. I might have to slow down a little bit as we go along - but that is ok and I more or less knew it before I got started. I have to go to bed really early today because this afternoon, I got really tired. Well, I'll be probably dead after those two weeks. A two week long IT workshop, I'm organizing and teaching it on my own, and I have 12 participants. Uff.... - but that's ok, I'm learning a lot! Well, I'm probably by years the youngest one that is 'participating' in the workshop...
Guys, have a great week!

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