Friday, July 14, 2006


Woww, that was an intense week - and is not yet over - it'll continue tomorrow morning! The workshop is rolling well although it is a pretty heavy task. I get into the computer lab by at least 8am and try to get the infrastructure for the day ready (installing programs...). By 9am, my participants show up and will have a session in the morning. I'm either presenting or helping out with problems. Then lunch at 12 noon (oh boy, the food was really hot today!) and back to the lab as soon as you are done. Then again session from 1pm to 4pm. Answering questions, solving problems, and advising. And then after 4pm sessions with guys that have special wishes. And then going home, getting food, and make sure that you are ready for the next day.
Yesterday, I helped one of the guys to get started with Apache / PHP - and stayed in the lab until 7pm. Without a break, we rushed to dinner - and then by 9:30pm, I was finally back in my apartment...
The participants are doing a great job and it's a lot of fun for me! During the first two days, we dealt with Kara. Folks really got into it and once almost forgot to get lunch (we were late by half an hour!). Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were spent on HTML / CSS. It's really good to see folks mess 'round with those two technologies. Everybody got started - even the folks that were afraid that they will have a hard time. So I'm really happy with how it is going so far.
I'm using Eclipse as an HTML / CSS / JS editor. Well, I'm not sure I would choose it again if I could go back. Some people got started nicely, didn't have any problems with the project management, and could take advantage of the nice auto completion and syntax highlighting. Others got completely lost with the project management - and I had to help more than once.
Tomorrow, we'll have a high level introduction in JavaScript and then on Monday we'll start to mess around with JavaScript. I'll start out with JavaScriptKara and spend probably the whole Monday with JavaScriptKara. Then on Tuesday, I plan to integrate JavaScript into HTML. We'll see how it'll work out!
All in all, it's a pretty intense time - but I'm learning a lot! There are not even two weeks left here in Bhutan. Now, time definitely starts to fly!! So many things left to be done, so many people left to be met. Guys, I'm looking forward to meet you very soon! Enjoy vacation and have fun!

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