Friday, July 07, 2006

Last days in Samtse

Guys, this is almost my last day here in Samtse; I'll be leaving this Sunday morning to go up to Paro. In Paro, I'll be organizing a two week long workshop for the FIT (Functional IT) Lecturers - it's gonna be a lot of fun. I was preparing like crazy during the last couple of days and have a good feeling now. I'm confident that I'll be able to help out and get some ideas across.
My time here in Samtse has been really good and it is not entirely easy to leave. I got in contact with a lot of good folks and have just learned a lot. Today, two Australian guys from UNE arrived - and I realized how much I probably have changed during my time here. It was really good to talk to them and exchange experiences.
Wednesday night, the institute organized a farewell dinner for David, Joy, and me. It was lovely, we were another time chief guests, and I even had to give some sort of a speech. Well, I just told them that I have learned a lot down here and that I really appreciate having had the chance to stay in this environment. And I'm looking forward to come back and to not have to get started anew. It is just astonishing how fast you can adapt.
I have not even three weeks left down here in Bhutan. Things get wrapped up and impressions get put into place. Upon returning back home to Switzerland, you might have to kick me now and then. It might not be easy for me to start again back home - the reverse cultural shock might take control. But that's ok - that's as well part of the experience.

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