Saturday, July 15, 2006

Weekend - and Net Neutrality

I'm really happy that the weekend has approached! First week of the workshop is done and I have a good feeling! Folks have fun and learn new stuff - although you always need more time than planned - but that's ok. Exercises for next week are in the process of being created - so it should work out nicely.
A few hours ago, we went to Paro town to get a few grocery; I got even bread! And tomorrow, we plan to go up to the Tiger's Nest; should be a fun trip. After all that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I have to do something else for a few hours so that I'm ready again for the second week of the workshop.
Right now, there is a pretty fun debate going on in the US: net neutrality. Washington is all over that subject and even folks that probably haven't touched a computer before try to influence that debate; have a look at Senator Ted Stevens. Hehe, was well worth waiting to get that small movie to Bhutan ;-)!
Let me post a few pictures from the guest house that I'm currently staying at - amazing!

Washing Gho ;-) Posted by Picasa

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